The Solution is HEAL Complete

a system that increases adults' knowledge of current healthcare topics, medical terminology, and standard processes and practices.

Award-Winning Results


Award Winner for Innovation and Collaboration

from ProLiteracy, an international literacy organization.


The Schroeder Center for Health Policy at The College of William & Mary

found that HEAL participants gained statistically significant knowledge and confidence in health topics.

What participants have to say

“The best thing about the HEAL class is that I learned new English words, so now I can describe how I feel when I call the doctor. I didn’t know the difference between Urgent Care and the Emergency Room. Now I know when I need help I can go to Urgent Care if it’s not an emergency. The HEAL class is terrific!”

Valeria Corona Student

“Low literacy is a barrier to good health, and we need more innovative programs like HEAL to help solve this problem. If you have a patient with low literacy, I recommend that you refer them to HEAL.”

William A. Hazel Jr., MD Secretary of Health and Human Resources